The world's largest marketplace

If your company wants to market its products through the eBay distribution channel, Hatraco is your ideal specialist partner. Hatraco has many years of experience in the use of the eBay sales channel for branded or anonymous sale products, and can guarantee professional and product-specific marketing of your goods.

Your shop on eBay

With eBay's brand-shop concept, manufacturers have the option of setting up their own shop platform on eBay. In these virtual shops, companies can have a separate area for each of their respective products which can be customised to reflect the company's corporate identity. As a retailer, you benefit from the great flexibility that eBay offers its users: you can sell items at a fixed price or use the famous auction format, and either deploy these options throughout the year, or seasonally.

Since the launch of eBay brand shops, Hatraco has successfully developed and operated brand-shop concepts for various well-known manufacturers such as Triumph, Lascana, Bellybutton, LG and Kunert. We are happy to put our many years of eBay marketing experience and professional fulfilment at the service of your brand.